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  • Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi all. I'm the mom of 2 kiddos: a 9 year old boy with autism as a primary diagnosis & a 7 year old girl with ADHD as a primary diagnosis (lots of dual diagnosis going on with us). I got a goally for my 9 year old but quickly realized it would be amazing for my 7 year old as well. Now that they both have one, It's fascinating to see how they interact with it differently.
    My 9 year old takes it really seriously and does everything as fast as possible. His sense of time is distorted and the timer stresses him out. So for him I set minimums times on tasks to prevent him from rushing, but the maximums need to be ridiculously long or he'll freak out.
    My 7 year old is the total opposite! She's super casual about it... dawdles and could not care less about the timer. The goally is constantly buzzing & whistling at her because she lets the time run out. For her I don't set minimum times (I do NOT want to slow her down any more, lol), but maximums are important and they need to account for the fact that she WILL let it run over.

    Overall I'm impressed with how goally can accommodate such different kiddos and as an added bonus it's replaced multiple reward systems we were juggling.
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    That's amazing!! Rachel and I ( Hilary Biddulph ) would love to chat with you anytime to help in anyway or So excited about your kids progress!! Thanks for sharing