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  • Hi from MN

    Hi everyone,

    I am a mom of two from Minnesota. My oldest,son, has a chromosome deletion, global developmental delay and a host of other medical stuff. My youngest is typical development. Since we have gotten the Goally, my son has had less issues getting through his routines in the mornings before school, after school, and before bed. It has spared us a lot of fights and meltdowns because we can say to him, " what does the goally say to do next?" or " where are we at on the goally?". It has also helped us keep him from getting up to early in the morning due to his morning routine alarm. He knows he has to wait until he hears it to know that it is okay to get out of bed for the day. His sister is even getting in on it and follows along with his routine.

    I am still trying to fine tune routines and have started to think about coming up with routines for him to follow or use when he is spending time at his grandparents house over the weekend as well. We are still learning a lot as we go but so far so good with some good results.

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    We are in Minnesota too! Thats great that the Goally is working well for you. We love Goally for sure.


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      Kayla , It would be awesome to connect you with Rachel . She is our Behavior Expert and would love to help you fine tune with you
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