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    I have two kiddos (7 girl, 5 boy) who are both on the autism spectrum and both have a Goally! My daughter has been using her Goally since January 2019 and we started my son with his Goally this past summer. We've had lots of ups and downs and stops and starts with our two Goally devices, but we are figuring out what works best for each of our kiddos and what works best for our family so that we can make Goally work for us. That's one of the beauties of Goally for me: there is so much customization and so much flexibility when it comes to implementation to fit almost any situation and personality. Currently, our kiddos only have one reward they are each working for: a choice out of their own treasure box! I fill them with coins, candies (like individual Starbursts), cheap toys ($1-ish), sensory tools and fidgets, Play-Doh containers, etc., plus coupons that they can turn in for certain extra special things (like getting 30 mins of screen time on a school night, getting a lunch date with Mom or Dad on a Saturday, getting a late night to play games, etc. ). One of our problems was parental user error when it comes to rewards. We had too many rewards I couldn't give going to a store to pick out a new shirt or going to get ice cream. The treasure box works so much better because they physically get something. If they choose a coupon, we immediately schedule a time when they can redeem that coupon. Everyone is happier now and routines are getting done. I also make it possible for them to earn a reward every 7-10 days and I let them know when I've added a new prize in their treasure box. Happy Goallying everyone!
    Larissa Packer

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    I love that you turned Goally into a verb welcome!


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      By the name... are you a fellow Wisconsinite?


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        Nope! We live in Colorado. ☺️
        Larissa Packer


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          oh funny. the Packers are WI football team.