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Wyoming State Medicaid Waiver Program Application Guide

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  • Wyoming State Medicaid Waiver Program Application Guide

    Waiver #1: Comprehensive Waiver

    Who Can Apply?

    Circumstances/Diagnosis: Any child or adult (all ages) who is diagnosed with either an intellectual and/or developmental disability (this includes autism). The state requires that individuals need an intermediate care facility level of care to qualify. This just means that the individual is unable to get through their day without a lot of supervision.

    Income: Income eligibility is only based on the child’s income and not the parents income. This means that your child is financially eligible for the waiver if they don’t have an income.

    What do I get?

    The waiver provides behavioral support services (like ABA therapy), specialized equipment, adult day services, case management, community living services, community support services, homemaker, personal care, respite, supported employment, dietician services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, skilled nursing, speech, hearing and language services, child habilitation services, cognitive retraining, companion services, crisis intervention support, environmental modification, individual habilitation training, special family habilitation home, transportation

    How do I apply?

    Step 1: Contact your local Participant Support Specialist and ask about the eligibility process.

    Step 2: Complete the Medicaid Supports Waiver Application

    Step 3: Select a Case Manager and complete the Case Manager Selection Form

    If you ever get confused, you can review Wyoming’s Application Guide for Support’s Waiver. There is a lot of information in here including a complete checklist of every little detail you need to account for on page 36.

    What does the Goally Team Think?

    Wyoming has a fairly small waiver program with 2000 spots and a waiting list of 200 people. This makes for an average wait time of 1 year before getting access to services. This isn’t type of access isn’t ideal but is nowhere near as bad as places like Florida and Texas (7 and 15 year waits). Wyoming’s website however is surprisingly amazing and has a fantastic guide to walk parents through the application process.

    Goally Waiver Scorecard

    Website clarity and ease of navigation: 5/5

    Access and requirements of qualification: 1/5

    Healthcare coverage: 3/5

    Other online resources for Wyoming:

    Wyoming Institute for Disability (WIND) -- Our fantastic research partners that have information on all things related to autism, ADHD, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and healthcare.

    Wyoming Protection and Advocacy System -- A nonprofit corporation authorized by Congress to implement several federal laws to protect the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities.

    Telephone Resources

    Participant Support Specialists by county

    Wyoming Department of Health, Behavioral Health Division: (307) 777-6494
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