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Illinois State Medicaid Waiver Program Application Guide

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  • Illinois State Medicaid Waiver Program Application Guide

    Waiver #1: Support Waiver for Children and Young Adults with DD

    (there is an additional waiver titled Residential Waiver for Children and Young Adults with DD that has the same eligibility but provides child group homes in addition to these services)

    Who can apply?

    Circumstance/Diagnosis: Any child or young adult under 21 who is diagnosed with either an intellectual and/or developmental disability (this includes autism). The state requires that individuals need an intermediate care facility level of care to qualify. This just means that the individual is unable to get through their day without a lot of supervision.

    Income: Income eligibility is only based on the child’s income and not the parents income. This means that your child is financially eligible for the waiver if they don’t have an income.

    What do I get?

    Service Facilitation, Personal Support, Behavior Intervention and Treatment, Training and Counseling for Unpaid Caregivers, Adaptive Equipment, Assistive Technology, Home Accessibility Modifications, Vehicle Modifications, Temporary Assistance

    How do I apply?

    Call 1-866-376-8446 or your local Department of Health Services Developmental Disability Office

    Once you submit an application you will be placed on a waiting list, it normally takes 5-7 years before you start receiving services!

    What does the Goally Team Think?

    Illinois has a ton of different waivers. This makes the process overly complicated. Essentially Illinois provides great resources for people with disabilities who need hospital or nursing home level of care, but provides essentially nothing to those who need a lot of attention but don’t qualify for those services. Their waiver programs only accommodate a few thousand people but frequently see waitlists of 15,000-23,000 people. You can view the full list of Illinois waivers HERE, we recommend that you take a look at the Persons with Disabilities Waiver if you believe your child is at risk of being placed in a nursing home.

    Goally Waiver Scorecard

    Website clarity and ease of navigation: 3/5

    Access and requirements of qualification: 1/5

    Healthcare coverage: 3/5

    Other online resources for Illinois:

    The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) provides parent training, social skills groups for kids, and consultation services for families with autism.

    Family Voices Illinois can help you find information about government resources, insurance, and youth transition programs.

    Illinois Center for Autism has information on schools, adult services, and hosts occasional events

    Telephone Resources:

    (217) 782-3075 Illinois Department of Human Services

    Department of Health Services Developmental Disability Office by county
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