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Idea for "sub-routines"

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  • Idea for "sub-routines"

    I would love it if I could like another routine from a routine. For example, we have a "pickup room" routine which breaks that down into steps. I'd like to have a shower routine so it can prompt my daughter to hang up her towel and put her clothes in the laundry and comb her hair. I generally make a custom chore routine each weekend which includes shower and pickup and one or two other things. It would be really great if the overall evening routine could just include both of those routines, rather than me adding all the individual steps of each task . I hope I've explained this well enough.

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    Hi! so I think i know what you mean. If while an evening routine is running, when you get to key activities- they would walk you through the steps of “showering” then go to the next activity as soon as showering was completed. mini step prompts within an activity?


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      Hi Staci, I think that would fit very well with the "task analysis" feature we plan to build, which is essentially sub-routines as you described them. We'll post when we have a draft of the feature so you can comment on the details before we build it. Timing TBD. Thanks for the input!


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        That's exactly what I mean. Thanks!